2 new resources


  • edgeClusterRuntimeVersions

      Name: edgeClusterRuntimeVersions

      Display: edgeClusterRuntimeVersions


      • Name: Microsoft.NetworkCloud/edgeClusterRuntimeVersions/read

        Display: EdgeClusterRuntimeVersions_ListBySubscription

        Description: Get a list of edge cluster runtime versions in the provided subscription.

      • Name: Microsoft.NetworkCloud/edgeClusterRuntimeVersions/read

        Display: EdgeClusterRuntimeVersions_Get

        Description: Get the properties of the specified edge cluster runtime version.

  • edgeClusters/nodes

      Name: edgeClusters/nodes

      Display: edgeClusters/nodes


      • Name: Microsoft.NetworkCloud/edgeClusters/nodes/read

        Display: EdgeClusterNodes_ListByEdgeCluster

        Description: Get a list of edge cluster nodes in the provided edge cluster.

      • Name: Microsoft.NetworkCloud/edgeClusters/nodes/read

        Display: EdgeClusterNodes_Get

        Description: Get properties of the provided the edge cluster node.

      • Name: Microsoft.NetworkCloud/edgeClusters/nodes/write

        Display: EdgeClusterNodes_CreateOrUpdate

        Description: Create a new edge cluster node or update properties of the edge cluster node if it exists.

      • Name: Microsoft.NetworkCloud/edgeClusters/nodes/delete

        Display: EdgeClusterNodes_Delete

        Description: Delete the provided edge cluster node.

      • Name: Microsoft.NetworkCloud/edgeClusters/nodes/write

        Display: EdgeClusterNodes_Update

        Description: Patch properties of the provided edge cluster node, or update the tags assigned to the edge cluster node. Properties and tag updates can be done independently.

      • Name: Microsoft.NetworkCloud/edgeClusters/nodes/reimage/action

        Display: EdgeClusterNodes_Reimage

        Description: Reimages the edge cluster node, returning it to a refreshed OS image.

      • Name: Microsoft.NetworkCloud/edgeClusters/nodes/restart/action

        Display: EdgeClusterNodes_Restart

        Description: Restarts the edge cluster node.

      • Name: Microsoft.NetworkCloud/edgeClusters/nodes/synchronizeTime/action

        Display: EdgeClusterNodes_SynchronizeTime

        Description: Synchronizes the time for the edge cluster node.